In the book Al Hikan, Sheikh Ibn Atho'ilah work of the position of a servant in his deeds, there are two levels of the glory of a sincere servant of experts, the servant of God and the muqarrabin abrar.
Abrar is a sincerity when his deeds have been cleared of riya 'both obvious and subtle. While the purpose of his deeds are always just a reward promised by Allah SWT. The sincerity of a servant who is muqarrabin he felt that all his good deeds solely God's gift to him, for God who gives guidance and Taufik.
In other words, practice a servant who called the practice lillah abrar, the charity for God. While the deeds of a servant who muqarrabin billah called deeds, ie charity with the help of the grace of God. Charitable lillah produce only regard hukun dzahir, being charitable billah penetrate into the heart feeling.
Wisdom is worth a scholar expert advises, "Improve charitable deeds with sincerity, and keikhlasanmu fix it with the feeling that there is no power of its own, that all this was solely due to the help of God's help alone."
Surely that has sweeping power is the sincerity of a servant who muqarrabin ever closer himself to God Almighty.

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